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Are you looking for tools to help hurting marriages?

We provide innovative online learning, surveys and reports to equip you.


It’s Easy. It’s Engaging. It’s Effective.

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How Does it Work?

  1. Assign a lesson
  2. Couple completes the online interactive lesson
  3. A custom report is generated based on your couple’s responses
  4. Download report and meet with your couple
  5. Follow the suggested questions
  6. Repeat for all 6 sessions

Biblically Based

Connected Marriage is based on Biblical principles that help couples to connect, communicate and forgive.

Psychologically Sound

Connected Marriage has been developed with input and review from a team of therapists and psychologists.

Practical & Effective

Connected Marriage is based on years of experience. We bring you tools, strategies and exercises that work.

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Marriage Mentor Reports

Have you ever met with a couple and you weren’t sure what to do? We help you to be successful in working with couples to build their marriage bond.

  • Insightful Information – You, the mentor, will receive a couple report after each online session is completed. These reports, include insightful information that is customized for each couple. There are over 60 pages of insight. The reports help you to apply the key concepts to each couple.
  • Questions to Ask – The report contains questions that you can ask specifically generated for that couple. These questions will generate helpful and healing conversations.
  • Couple Exercises – Exercises, strategies and tools are provided that help the couple to think through the information and to apply it for improved marriage satisfaction.

It’s Credible.

Connected Marriage is based on curriculum refined over a ten-year period. The material contains the essential building blocks that hurting couples need to build connection. Based on Biblical truths.

The content has been developed and reviewed by a team of therapists and psychologists. It’s based on best practice research that contains the core essentials that couples need to rebuild.

It’s Effective.

Connected Marriage works. It is based on key concepts that couples find helpful. Whether couples are having major problems or just need a tune up, they have found it to be practical and useful.

We are passionate about helping marriages. We’re so passionate that we decided to offer this program for free. Connected Marriage is totally donor supported. If you’d like to donate to us, that would be very much appreciated. But, we don’t require it. We offer the program through churches, therapy clinics and other ministries. If you’d like to register your organization, let us know and we’ll get you registered.


It’s Free.


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